Yorkshire Dales Dark Skies Festival 2020. Spend the evening capturing the stars and moon on camera, completely free from light pollution and use the stars as inspiration compositions and phoographic arrangements. See the milky way and our own galaxy as never before under the designated Dark Skies of the Yorkshire Dales. With supper and hot chocolate served throughout the evening.

6pm - 9pm


25/10 Dark Skies

  • Arriving at Uncles Creative Workshop at 6pm, tea coffee and yorkshire nibbles will be ready and waiting. Over 2,000 stars can be seen on clear nights and as Walden is in a designated dark skies area the chances of seeing and photographing them is quite high (weather permitting). Throughout the evening you will have the opportunity to star gaze and capture elements of the night sky whilst using the stars for your Night sky inspired batik. Supper will be served and the evening will come to an end at around 9pm.



  • Just yourself! if you want to bring your own camera, mobile device or telescope feel free.